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8 September 2019 Comments (0) Architecture, Environment, Real Estate

be.exemplary wants to seduce big private developers

Nine projects in 2018, seven in 2017 and ten in 2016. And 6.5 million distributed in total. For the past three years, the Brussels government has been promoting exemplary real estate projects. How does be.exemplary reach out to large private projects?

A few months ago, the Brussels government launched the 4th edition of be.exemplary, the call for exemplary construction and renovation projects in terms of sustainable urban development. The objective: to promote quality architecture and urban planning in Brussels, capable of bringing people closer together and meeting their social needs, while meeting the environmental challenges of a capital that wants to become a leader in the circular economy. In Brussels, buildings account for 55% of greenhouse gas emissions.

If this award has already made it possible to transform a former embassy into a group habitat in Schaerbeek, to build a new school in Laeken or a dozen co-housing projects on estates in Jette, be.exemplary is now opening up to a new category: that of the private sector. This suggests that the structure could also support larger projects.

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Meer subsidies

De editie van 2019 omvat drie categorieën: kleine particuliere projecten (minder dan 300 m2), grote particuliere projecten en openbare projecten. Daartoe worden de subsidies aanzienlijk verhoogd om de deelname van de particuliere sector te stimuleren. De subsidies voor de categorie kleine projecten werden verhoogd tot € 250 per m2 (vergeleken met € 200 in voorgaande jaren) met een minimum van € 32.500 per project, waarvan € 25.000 voor de ontwikkelaar en € 7.500 voor de ontwerper. De nieuwe categorie “grote particuliere projecten” biedt subsidies van € 150/m2 met een maximum van € 475.000 verdeeld in € 400.000 voor de ontwikkelaar en € 75.000 voor de ontwerper. Tot slot biedt de categorie openbare projecten subsidies van € 150 per m2 zonder minimum en tot € 250.000.

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