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Amsterdam: green in the city

In the Zuidas district, a business district dominated by imposing office buildings, The George represents a salutary gesture, which highlights human, green and exuberant architecture.

Zuidas is an office district located near the airport, the Central Station and the city centre. It did not stand out for its architectural boldness. Until now. The arrival of The George brings new energy to the place, and especially also more urban life, kids, families…

The building has 11 floors and 47 apartments, ranging in size from 88 to 196m2. The south side consists of a series of overlapping green terraces and balconies, which stack on top of each other as they gradually unfold. The facade itself is transparent (triple glazing). Two entrances lead to a green hall with trees and a spiral staircase that leads to a shared terrace of 80m2 on the second floor, where residents can meet in the middle of the plantations.

  • Amsterdam The George © Arjen Schmitz
  • Amsterdam The George © Arjen Schmitz
  • Amsterdam The George © Arjen Schmitz
  • Amsterdam The George © Arjen Schmitz
  • Amsterdam The George © Arjen Schmitz

Greenery that is not only aesthetic

The bowl-shaped roof collects rainwater in a reservoir and is covered with solar panels. While rainwater drains the vegetation, solar energy supplies electricity to the central parts of the building. A large number of plants and trees are part of the glazed south facade, which facilitates vertical gardening. Residents can enjoy their own oasis in a complete and constant way. The saved water and energy are distributed throughout the building.

By bringing a green touch to a neighbourhood that lacked it, The George certainly contributes to the improvement of air quality but, above all, recreates an urban dynamic in a part of the city that, until then, sorely lacked inhabitants.

The George is the work of the Dutch office Dok architekten, which has worked on both public and private buildings in the Netherlands. They are also responsible for the renovation of the National Bank in Brussels.

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