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30 December 2021 Comments (0) Environment, Mobility, Other, Technology

Cascais: smart and green mobility

A centre of culture, business and innovation, the Portuguese city located to the west of Lisbon has imagined a progressive mobility ecosystem for its residents. With rewards at stake.

A new mobile application allows the 214,000 inhabitants of Cascais to book tickets for all forms of public transport, to find and pay for the most convenient parking space, but also to rent bicycles or scooters, charge electric vehicles and call a taxi. Among others. 

The Pick system from the Portuguese developer Ubirider was chosen as the tool to connect all this data and offer the user a global and transparent experience, each time using the best combination of transport. With innovations such as the possibility of recharging physical passes directly through the app and using your smartphone (no need to queue up anymore).  


Users will also be able to calculate their carbon footprint based on the transport chosen, and earn Cashcais, the city’s virtual currency, as a reward for their most sustainable choices.

Baía de Cascais

For its part, the municipality will also reap the benefits of this investment: “Our goal is not only to improve the experience of travellers, but also to allow cities and public transport operators to obtain valuable information on travel trends so they will be able to readjust their networks to meet the needs of citizens and businesses, while being more sustainable”, said Paulo Ferreira dos Santos, creator of the application.

This initiative, that puts green centre-stage, is a fine example of public-private collaboration, the primary beneficiaries of which are citizens.

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