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12 September 2021 Comments (0) Architecture, Mobility, Other, Real Estate

Germany: a spectacular architectural transformation for the benefit of the city and its inhabitants

Technological change has made many media companies obsolete. The Danish architectural firm Effekt Architects tackled the creation of a large communication hub in the city centre of Kiel, in the north of Germany and on the edge of the Baltic Sea.

The disused structures once housed the editorial and printing offices of the local newspaper, the Kieler Nachrichten. The publisher occupied an entire city block and accommodated the entire newspaper’s production, from the editing to printing and distribution. The KielHöfe project (a renovation of 11,000m² dedicated to media and information) will rethink the physical presence of the newspaper in a much broader context. 

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Urban hub

This ambitious real-estate transformation will highlight the evolution of a media company by including activities that are also part of it today: imagining, creating, manufacturing, socialising, relaxing… The site is called upon to become a dynamic mixed-use centre of life. With this rehabilitation, KielHöfe will become a vital part of the rejuvenation and revitalisation of the city centre.

The newspaper will not hesitate to leave its walls since it will be anchored in the urban fabric and associated with cultural and associative programmes. Conversely, passers-by will be able to cross the courtyard of the building and observe the beehive that is a regional newspaper.

KielHöfe will, of course, have shared offices and workspaces, but also roof gardens and an event venue that is open to the public. The new extensions of this renovation will be made of wood.

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