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22 August 2018 Comments (0) Mobility

Here is the Uber of electric scooters

After having conquered Paris and the United States, free-float electric scooters now make their entrance in Brussels. Since the end of June, everyone can book an electric scooter via the Troty application. An idea that has its fans. But does it have all the advantages needed to alleviate urban mobility? Divercitymag has put it to the test.

We all remember the aluminium scooters that were popular in the nineties. But the gadget mainly seduced teenagers and very few adults wanted to use it. E-scooters are capable of going five times faster than a pedestrian, and that makes this type of transport more attractive. Whereas the car becomes synonymous with loss of time, townspeople begin to think of other ways to move around. Cleaner, more flexible, less bulky. Good news: since 29 June, the Belgian start-up Troty has introduced 50 of these hype made in China scooters in Brussels. In an area ranging from the Grand-Place to Flagey, passing through the European quarter.

Standing on two wheels, hands clinging to a sort of cane, it is fun to overtake pedestrians. And even some cars, if you venture on the road. The lightweight and foldable Troty can reach a maximum speed of 22 km/h. It has a battery that allows it to go for 30 to 40 kilometres. By the way, all Troties are recharged using green energy, between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., in a warehouse fitted with solar panels.

How does it work?

All you have to do is activate a smartphone application to find a scooter (either in the street or at a Troty partner), book it, unlock the padlock and put on your helmet. The rest is just a question of balance, brakes and acceleration. It is best to avoid the pavement and focus instead on the bike lanes if there are any…

Without running the red light, these powered boards can save precious minutes of travel. Once arrived, you are automatically charged. The fare is 1 euro, plus 15 cents per minute of use. The result: the average travel cost is less expensive than an underground ticket. And then there’s the sheer cool factor.

We love. Its fluid, multifunctional side and its mini size that allows you to take it everywhere with you. We also like its integrated lock that you control with the application.

We don’t like. The pavements of the city centre and the lack of bicycle lanes.

The verdict. Go straight ahead, standing up, feeling proud at over 20 km/h: a new idea of freedom!

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