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15 December 2020 Comments (0) Architecture, Environment, Other, Technology

Living and working in the offices of tomorrow

DivercityMag invites you to explore Mindplace, an office space that has been reinvented and meets the demands of businesses and occupants for greater comfort and safety.

The Hong Kong-based firm Ronald Lu & Partners has just unveiled a rather original and ambitious plan for new workspaces. Offices that, according to their creators, “will improve work efficiency, focus on sustainability and meet the overall needs of employees.

A series of innovations makes it possible to save energy and to give employees increased health safety.


Thanks to sensors and applications derived from mobile telephony, employees will be able to move around without touching any handles. In addition, “one-way sanitary corridors” will allow temperature testing and UV disinfection.

Open windows

In contrast to current buildings that often hinder access to windows, Mindplace has many balconies and opening windows, which increases the intake of fresh air, reduces the use of air conditioning but also makes it easier to access nearby green spaces, creating a more fluid indoor and outdoor environment that can significantly improve the quality of life at work.

Personalised sanitary facilities

Gone are the men/women section and shared sinks. Mindplace offers individual, non-gendered, contactless spaces (everything is automated), and that are disinfected between each use by UV-C radiation technology.

  • Balconies © Ronald Lu & partners
    Balconies © Ronald Lu & partners
  • Atrium © Ronald Lu & partners
  • Atrium © Ronald Lu & partners
    Atrium © Ronald Lu & partners

Inspiring and secure meeting places

Everywhere, large atriums allow employees to exchange and work together, in complete safety (high ceilings, ventilation…). But facilities will also include a sports club, a yoga studio, a rooftop running track, a swimming pool and even a public garden. All elements that promote relaxation, conversation and collaboration at the same time.

With Mindplace, a word inspired by “workplace”, its designers propose a solution that will meet not only the economic needs of companies, but also the mental and physical needs of employees. Much more than an office space, the project is “a holistic place where work, play, creation and socialisation take place together, in comfort, safety and tranquility“.

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