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Ljubljana Green City

3 May 2016 Comments (0) Environment, Technology

Ljubljana, zero waste objective

Tomorrow’s city is determined to be green. Just like the team of the film “Demain”, let’s explore some cities whose local initiatives in sustainable development have been rewarded and that should be a source of inspiration. Today: Ljubljana.

Beyond significant progress made in the planting of the city to improve the air quality, the capital of Slovenia stands out above all for its intelligent waste management system. Installed on its accession to European Union membership in 2004, it is aimed at household waste collection prioritising door-to-door collection of organic waste rather than voluntary sorting bins. The second, more surprising stage was to reduce the frequency of the collection of the residual waste, while maintaining the same regularity for recyclable and compostable waste, which has encouraged residents to sort as much as possible. Highly contested at the start, this system has multiplied its collection rate by 10 in ten years and reduced the quantity of waste sent to landfills by 60% while maintaining one of the lowest waste management costs in Europ  

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