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28 January 2022 Comments (0) Culture, Mobility, Other

Mobility: making cities safer for women

According to a recent study, nearly nine out of ten women feel uncomfortable walking alone after dark and therefore avoid certain activities to feel safer. 


To address this issue, urban micro-mobility specialist Lime (electric bikes, steps and scooters) has partnered with SafeUP, a self-help community that was created to help women and girls feel free and confident in their daily lives. Initially imagined in Tel Aviv but present in around forty major cities worldwide, SafeUP offers its members the possibility of calling on female “guards” when they panic or feel insecure in the city. They have been specially trained to be able to answer and reassure on the phone, but also to intervene physically if necessary. This allows users of the application to feel more secure and able to better prevent and anticipate cases of sexual and physical harassment and assault. The result is a safer environment for women in cities.

Increase the feeling of security

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Lime will offer members of the SafeUP community free rides on its scooters and bicycles. So that they can more easily move around and intervene in cases where women do not feel safe in urban areas. The cities involved for the moment are New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Washington DC, Austin and Tel Aviv. 

According to Lime, “security, especially when it comes to transportation, is key to increasing gender equality. This partnership is another step towards our goal of empowering women to feel safe and just a click away when moving through cities.

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