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8 November 2020 Comments (0) Environment, Mobility, Other

Pedalling while cleaning the planet

Cycling is good for your health. But it can be more beneficial still: here is the bicycle that swallows and cleans polluted air.

Daan Roosengaarde is a Dutch designer who has been working for several years on connecting technology with creative thinking. In recent years, he has patented and produced “the tower without smog”, a positive ionization technique that can clean 30,000m2 of polluted air per hour. These towers are used in some parks in Beijing. The air, after being “swallowed” by the anti-smog tower of Daan Roosengaarde, emerges between 55 and 75% healthier than elsewhere in the city. Examples of this 7-metre-high aluminium tower can also be found in the Netherlands, Korea, Poland or Mexico.

Allow us to mention the fashion aspect of this invention: all carbon captured by the first tower in Beijing has been compressed to create smog-free rings. By buying these jewels, you contribute to the financing of new towers.

  • velo antismog © studior oosengaarde
    velo antismog © studior oosengaarde
  • smog free rings © studior oosengaarde
    smog free rings © studior oosengaarde
  • Smogfree tower korea © studior oosengaarde
    Smogfree tower korea © studior oosengaarde
  • Smogfree tower korea © studior oosengaarde
    Smogfree tower korea © studior oosengaarde

Daan Roosengaarde defines himself as “a man on a clean air mission”. The idea of an “anti-smog” bike came to him while observing cyclists in Beijing, who have to pedal in maximum air pollution. By making the technology of the anti-smog tower mobile and portable, he imagined a bike that swallows the polluted air using a filter on the handlebar. It comes out clean on the other side, for the benefit of cyclists and their immediate surroundings.

Several cities, such as London, Paris or Luxembourg, are considering introducing this type of bike in their shared bicycle system.

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