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10 June 2021 Comments (0) Environment, Other, Real Estate, Technology

Wallonia: building with bio-based and labelled product

The Walloon Eco-Construction Cluster has just launched a label intended to certify bio-based construction products, to accelerate good practices both among consumers and in the construction sector.

Label Biosourcé Wallon

Label Biosourcé Wallon

This label, launched in the spring of 2021, will make it possible to combine a financial additional premium (25%) in the event of renovation with a multi-facets sustainable approach . Bio-based materials are derived from nearby renewable resources which are fully traceable. Their production is energy-efficient, and they are important CO2 captors during their growth (more than they produce). They also make it possible to create a local and sustainable economic activity. 

A global phenomenon

These bio-based products are produced from a multitude of natural resources: wood, wool, grass, mushrooms, hemp, straw, etc. 

Most European governments have developed this type of label. In France, in 2019, bio-based insulation represented 10% of the insulation market. According to the French Association of Bio-Sourced Construction Industrials , this corresponds to the CO2 emissions of 620,000m2 of offices or even 8.7 million km traveled by an “average” vehicle. 

In the United States, 5 years ago, the American Department of Agriculture calculated that the thousands of labelled products had saved 1.13 billion liters of gasoline, or 200,000 fewer cars on the roads. 

The subject is very topical and is fully in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. With the generalisation of these bio-based labels, it is now possible for all construction stakeholders (developers, builders, investors, etc.) to combine economic and ecological objectives, by actively participating in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. 

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