Les Chinois toujours plus friands d’immobilier occidental

The Chinese are growing ever eager for Western real-estate

Les villes privées, nouvelle utopie du XXIe siècle?

Private towns, another 21st century Utopia?

Les villes privées, nouvelle utopie du XXIe siècle?

16 March 2017 Comments (0) Architecture, Real Estate

Young people want a more comfortable and bigger home

According to a Reynaers Aluminium survey, half of the young Belgians between 18 and 34 state a desire to move in the short term. It’s all about their search for comfort and convenience.

Nearly 3 out of 10 young people between 18 and 34 are not totally satisfied with their current dwelling. One out of two would like to move out in the short term and live in a more comfortable, bigger, better equipped dwelling, with a garden or at least a terrace. An ideal that clashes head-on with the dominant model in the urban market. Because, as the city gets more and more dense, developers are encouraging people to buy ever smaller apartments.

The most bothersome factor cited is noise pollution (34%). But poor air quality (28%), traffic-related risks (26 %), lack of privacy (26 %) and neighbour problems (25 %) also damp tenants’ spirits. Apart from the location and surroundings, people not happy with their dwelling refer mainly to the finishings and sound insulation (41%), home automation, protection against rain and wind (34%) and the overall state of the building (32%). The urban design, a green neighbourhood and good light levels are other important factors.

The detached house is the ideal

Most young Belgians are much like their elders. Nearly 80% would prefer to live in a detached house, while 30% of young people live in an apartment. Unfortunately, for nearly 90% of the 18-34 year-olds, financial difficulties are the main obstacle to access to a dwelling in which they would feel completely at home. The scarcity of building land and the regulation on building or conversion sites are another brake for one out of three young people surveyed. On the other hand, the survey indicates that nearly half of young households are not owners, while 80% of the over 55s are.

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