May, 2017

La biosphère géante d’Amazon

The giant biosphere of Amazon

29 May 2017 • After the Apple “spaceship” that landed in Cupertino in...

Des cabines de sieste en pleine ville

Siesta cabins in the centre of the city

23 May 2017 • Because we all have already felt the desire to disconnect from the...

Des toits en forme d’entonnoir pour rafraîchir les bâtiments

Funnel-shaped roofs for cooling buildings

22 May 2017 • When they were commissioned to build a school in the Kerman Province, Iran, architects devised...

Un futur gratte-ciel de Manhattan en forme de U

A future Manhattan skyscraper in the shape of a U

15 May 2017 • What if the longest building in the world was not a straight tower, but an...

La superficie des logements neufs diminue-t-elle?

Is the area of new housing decreasing?

15 May 2017 • In metropolitan areas with exorbitant rents and where more and more inhabitants...