March, 2017

Des éoliennes urbaines intégrées aux bâtiments

Urban wind turbines integrated into buildings

30 March 2017 • For several years, Amaay!, a Brussels-based R&D company specializing in urban wind power,...

Pedestrians returning en masse to cities

Pedestrians returning en masse to cities

22 March 2017 • They are less noticeable than the “runners”, these trendy...

Border City ©

“Border City”, a Mexican-American city project

21 March 2017 • And if, instead of building a wall, the United States were to build a...

Les villes privées, nouvelle utopie du XXIe siècle?

Young people want a more comfortable and bigger home

16 March 2017 • According to a Reynaers Aluminium survey, half of the young Belgians between 18 and 34 state a...

Des réverbères alimentés par des piétons

Streetlights powered by pedestrians

7 March 2017 • Las Vegas, the city of sin, has become ecologically sound. Since the...