June, 2018

© Sou Fukimoto - Nicolas Laisne - Dimitri Roussel

Paris will host the “Vertical Village” of Fujimoto

19 June 2018 • Tipped to build the future Delta tower in Auderghem, Sou Fujimoto is going to...

Jewel Changi © Safdie Architects

World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall Is In The Heart Of Singapore

19 June 2018 • The largest indoor waterfall in the world is under construction in Singapore....

Sense City

The city of the future tested in miniature

15 June 2018 • Close to Paris, a miniature city, equipped with multiple sensors,...

Jinan Expressway

En route to the world’s first solar highway

15 June 2018 • Located in the east of China, Jinan Expressway is paved with...

Hangzhou - XTU Architects

Clean up the air thanks to algae buildings

15 June 2018 • What if it would be possible to breathe better thanks to organic...

Carina Basile

Interview of Carina Basile

12 June 2018 • Carina Basile, Chief Operational Officer at Smart City Institute (HEC Liège)...