March, 2016


The city is worth living

10 March 2016 • Plethora of contrasts, faced by a host of challenges, the city is alive. It is the place where...


Reykjavik or the 100% renewable challenge

9 March 2016 • Tomorrow’s city is determined to be green. Let’s explore some...

Bonom, l’artiste qui n’a pas peur du vide

Bonom, the artist who isn’t scared of heights

9 March 2016 • Bonom expresses himself through his bestiary and thanks to the...


9 March 2016 • SwimCity: print me a house

Life begins in a garden

Gardening at work:

8 March 2016 • Making the most of their break to do a bit of gardening, planting,...

Lyon : une métamorphose à l’horizon 2030

Lyons: a transformation coming up in 2030

8 March 2016 • France has not escaped the urban expressway problem. According to the...

Bruxelles : que faire des autoroutes urbaines ?

Brussels: what do we do with the urban expressways?

8 March 2016 • Testimonies of a part of our post-industrial history for some, scars left on the capital for...

58 heures par an

8 March 2016 • 58 hours per year.