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In the 20th arrondissement of Paris, the nursery on rue de la Justice offers 99 beds and a family nursery with 40 places. Its rounded silhouette is surrounded by an airy wooden superstructure that gives the building coherence, lightness and light while limiting its footprint.

To meet the need for childcare places, despite the shortage of land, the City of Paris wanted to install a nursery on a plot of 2,740m2 reserved for social housing and protected green space. 

Nothing complicated so far… except that, to protect the green space, the floor area reserved for the nursery could not exceed 330m2. BFV architectes took up the challenge by proposing a project as atypical as it is vertical, on four floors, with a small footprint, for a total area of 1198m2. 

Creche Paris

Crèche de la rue de la Justice

A cocoon for the little ones

When looking at the nursery, what strikes the outside observer is its perfect integration into its environment. Its design, amazing facade, and green roof make it a natural element of the landscape.

A gigantic cradle of wood and glass, all in roundness and verticality, the nursery on rue de la Justice is covered with 630 discarded landing doors. This stunning wooden lace forms a real cocoon, both open and protective.  

Large balconies, secured by steel netting, provide outdoor play space on each level. The ground floor houses a shaded garden, while the top level leads to a roof garden, protected from the vagaries of the weather by a pergola supporting the photovoltaic panels.

A nice mix of sustainability, social and design

The same concern for sustainability and circularity has been respected inside, thanks to the noble and durable materials which give the whole a peaceful and soothing atmosphere, particularly well-suited to toddlers.

In the dynamic of the circular economy where we must do more with less, the Crèche Justice is the symbol of the district’s renewal. It proves that the imperatives of elegance, cost control, environmental performance, and optimisation can be perfectly compatible. 

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