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The Curv-Vancouver

Vancouver is home to the world’s tallest passive building

4 July 2022 • Located on the Pacific coast, on the border with the USA, the major Canadian port has embarked...

Newton Heath, Manchester

Manchester is turning wasteland into sustainable social housing

14 June 2022 • A derelict neighbourhood in the north of Manchester, Newton Heath is...

Green city

Why invest in high-performance green buildings?

14 June 2022 • Are green buildings only a societal choice, or do they bring added...

© Mika Baumeister

Wind turbines: the new European energy Eldorado

16 May 2022 • Green energy sources are becoming more crucial in construction every...

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London welcomes the world’s first zero-carbon hotel

19 January 2022 • It is supposed to be 89% more sustainable than a standard hotel. In...

L'arbre à vent, l'éolienne bioinspirée

The wind tree, the organically inspired wind turbine

30 September 2016 • It measures between 8 and 12 metres in height, its trunk is in steel, its...