Wooden buildings: many benefits… and a soul to boot

Newton Heath, Manchester

Manchester is turning wasteland into sustainable social housing

Green city

14 June 2022 Comments (0) Architecture, Other, Real Estate

Why invest in high-performance green buildings?

Are green buildings only a societal choice, or do they bring added value to investors and residents? Here are a few answers.

With the development of renewable energies and new construction technologies, real estate has resolutely embarked on the path of passive buildings, capable of producing their own power. Beyond ethical considerations, it appears that the enthusiasm for these ecological buildings is also due to economic factors, such as the reduction in operating costs. 

Measurable positive results

Investments in sustainable buildings produce concrete and proven results: increased rental rates and asset values, reduced risk of depreciation, increased attractiveness, and loyalty of tenants. 

© Towfiqu Barbhuiya

© Towfiqu Barbhuiya

The proof? According to a US study conducted by McGraw Hill Construction, the return on investment for green real estate projects is 9.9% higher for new construction and 19.2% for ongoing projects than traditional buildings.

Productivity, well-being and social engagement

A healthy working or living environment impacts worker productivity and the residents’ well-being. Indeed, aren’t we all inclined to stay in a place where we feel good? Xiaowei Xu, a Shenzhen Building Research Institute member and a philosopher, also asserts that “the building is a citizen of the city and has an obligation towards society”. At a time when European regulations for new buildings are becoming stricter, and when shareholders and customers are increasingly concerned by climate issues, this maxim should be pondered by companies in the sector.

In addition to the economic benefits it provides, a building with high ecological performance proves social responsibility and commitment to the climate and to society. These ethical considerations now also have an economic impact.


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