The largest wooden office complex will grow in Paris

Investment beats every record in 2018

3 March 2019 Comments (0) Other

Cities have so much to tell you!

Acting for cities also means acting for and encouraging culture, art, creativity, entrepreneurship, sustainable development, social innovations and ensuring that everyone finds their place. But it also means promoting dialogue, sharing ideas that travel through the cities.

DivercityMag invites you to take a journey through our cities, an urban exploration that will guide you through neighbourhoods, innovations, to meet the men and women who design the cities of the future, to (re)discover the richness, the plurality and the diversity to which we are deeply attached.

On every street corner, you will come across the expression of choices tied to economy, architecture, technology, ecology, culture, social relations, well-being, traditions…

Happy reading!

Stéphan Sonneville

CEO Atenor
Vice President UPSI for the Brussels-Capital Region
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