August, 2017

Une école de Londres va tirer son énergie de la Tamise

A London school will be getting its power from the Thames

23 August 2017 • In the near future, the five floors of the Thames Tidal School will combine passive...

Quand le mobilier urbain absorbe la pollution

When urban furniture absorbs the pollution

23 August 2017 • Sixteen square meters of greenery, a bench and a tank: this is the...

L’Inde lance son premier train solaire

India launches its first solar-powered train

23 August 2017 • If you thought China was the only country trying to improve its...

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17 August 2017 • Smart windows arrive

Le prix du logement est à la hausse

Rising house prices

17 August 2017 • After falling prices in the first three months of the year, the value...

Une mini ville dans un gratte-ciel

17 August 2017 • A mini-city in a skyscraper