January, 2018

The interlace © Büro Ole Scheeren

Buildings stacked like Lego bricks

29/01/2018 • For several years, star architect Ole Scheeren has been questioning the concept of urban...

Cavell Court jardin interieur850x520

Edith Cavell: a clinic is turning into a residential district

22/01/2018 • Edith Cavell, the famous clinic in Uccle, will be redeveloped into a...

View of Oxford Street on November 10, 2015 in London.

The large shopping streets, an alternative to the declining shopping centres?

10/01/2018 • As shopping centres run out of steam, “iconic” shopping...

Institut de robotique et de cybernetique de Saint-Petersbourg Russie 1987 -S. Savine B. Artiouchine

The very last buildings of the Soviet Empire

05/01/2018 • From 1970 to 1990, some amazing constructions appeared in the USSR. A book testifies to these...

Quand le bitume alimente les véhicules électriques

When the road powers the electric vehicles

01/01/2018 • Electric vehicles powered by roads, is this the future of cars in the...