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30 June 2022 Comments (0) Architecture, Environment, Other, Real Estate

Frankfurt: Eden Tower Gardens

The new residential tower Eden Tower is 98 metres high and it has 27 floors and a “living wall system”. It is a veritable jungle of 186,000 plants covering almost 20% of its facade.

Designed by Chicago-based architectural firm Jahn and local designers Magnus Kaminiarz, Eden Tower towers over Goethe’s hometown and symbolises a new urban lifestyle. Its astonishing architecture, the crystalline transparency of its glass facade, and its vertical gardens’ floral elements make this spectacular residential tower a true living work of art.

Half-hanging gardens of Babylon, half-gardens of Eden, the tower is firmly in line with the new green trends in current architecture: acting for an eco-responsible city concerned with quality of life. Eden Tower and its architecture contribute not only to the ecological balance but also to the comfort of its residents by offering them a proper microclimate. 

Technology made-in-NASA

EDEN Tower - Frankfurt

EDEN Tower – Frankfurt

So that the green wall does not lose all its leaves or turn brown during the winter, the selection of plants was carried out carefully, giving preference to those with evergreen foliage. In addition, species containing naturally flammable components have been banned for obvious safety reasons. One of the biggest challenges was attaching the plants to the steel substructure of the vertical walls. The designers and builders of Eden Tower achieved this by using a solid, light, and incombustible fabric developed by NASA. The plants were placed in bags made from this unique fabric, which were then securely fastened to the steel substructure.

A growing need for nature and green

The recent pandemic and the development of homeworking, as well as the concerns caused by global warming, have upset our habits and limited our movements, exacerbating our need for nature. To provide residents with a greener and more soothing view of the city, the various plantings are visible from inside the flats.

A pleasant way to reconnect residents with the surrounding nature, even in the middle of town and 98 metres above the ground!

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