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19 August 2020 Comments (0) Environment, Real Estate

An ever-greener Grand Duchy

The Luxembourg government has made the most of the summer to move forward in its resolution to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. By doing so, it is implementing its National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP).

These measures, submitted by the Energy Minister, are threefold:

Solar energy and heat pumps for non-residential buildings

The standard already existed for residential buildings, but not yet for non-residential ones (where the main use is not for housing), be they public or private. It will now be necessary to equip new constructions with a solar energy production device, as well as a heat pump to generate both heat and cold.

A new energy efficiency category

Since 2017, all new buildings already had to meet category A requirements, meaning the building has near-zero energy consumption (NZEB standard = Nearly Zero Energy Building). The new measures will allow for the creation of an A+ energy category, which would be on a voluntary basis, but would give access to subsidy programmes. According to Energy Minister, Claude Turmes, the stated goal is for buildings that are entirely fossil fuel-free.

Encouraging electromobility

The new buildings will need to have facilities for recharging electric or hybrid vehicles. The idea is to make the transition to electromobility easier and, in the long run, to reduce costs as the equipment is less expensive when it is installed at the design stage of a building. Similarly, an intelligent charging management system will be required if the building has more than 20 parking spaces.

Luxembourg is clearly improving the sustainability and energy performance of its buildings. Currently, this is a preliminary project, which amends and improves provisions that date back to 2010.

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