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18 July 2019 Comments (0) Architecture, Real Estate, Technology

The Eiffel Tower in bloom

The talent of the American architect Kathryn Gustafson has travelled the world. Now, the London landscape agency Gustafson Porter + Bowman has won the tender launched by the City of Paris for the redevelopment of the area surrounding the Eiffel Tower.

Every year, some 20 million tourists visit the tower, but only 7 million of them climb to its peak. The Eiffel Tower is the emblem of Paris, an architectural feat of the 19th century and one of the most photographed monuments in the world. The surrounding area, however, much less so…

With the 2024 Olympics in sight, the City of Paris and the company that manages the Eiffel tower launched, in January 2018, the redevelopment project of the site near the foot of this monument which is among the most visited in France. The jury has just decided that tomorrow’s Trocadéro will be green, pedestrian and more resilient.

Kathryn Gustafson’s proposal seemed utopian. However, at the end of May, it was this American architect who was selected to redesign this space dear to all Parisians. Its aim: to reinject green where car traffic is king today.



  • Site Tour Eiffel © MIR for GP&B
  • Site Tour Eiffel © MIR for GP&B
  • Site Tour Eiffel © MIR for GP&B
  • Site Tour Eiffel © MIR for GP&B

In 2024, Paris’s most extensive city garden will span 54 hectares around the Eiffel Tower, transforming the area into a green pedestrian zone from Trocadéro to the Military School. Project cost: €72 million.

Transforming the area around the Eiffel tower will not be a trial run for this graduate of the Ecole nationale supérieure de paysage in Versailles. Over the past two decades, the landscape architect has already offered Paris the greenhouse of the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie. She is also behind the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain in London and the Kogod Courtyard of the Smithsonian Art Museum in Washington.

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