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17 September 2020 Comments (0) Architecture, Environment, Technology

Düsseldorf: the first wooden office complex

The architecture and design firm HPP Architekten is making a lasting impression on the media district in Düsseldorf. Their office project, called The Cradle, is indeed the first in Germany to be built entirely of wood. A visible sign of sustainable architecture and exemplary urban integration, the building is currently under construction. Among the objectives of the design team: recycle individual components after use, minimise non-recyclable materials and reduce CO2 emissions.

Dusseldorf HPP architekten

Dusseldorf HPP architekten

Apart from the concrete foundations and ground floor, the rest of the building has an entirely wooden structure. The facade, also made of wood, was designed by stacking lozenges. These have several functions: not only do they maximise natural shadows and ventilation, they also provide stunning views of the neighbouring port.

The Cradle was designed to create added value for those who will occupy it. But also to promote the environment (given the importance of recycling and over-cycling used in its design) as well as sustainable mobility (car and bicycle sharing facilities are provided at the premises). The building is inspired by the circular economy and its name is derived from the concept of ethical architecture “Cradle to Cradle” (C2C). This label, certified since 2002, is awarded to consumer products that have been designed to feed the ecosystem after use, or to materials that can be reused 100% in the production of new products or services. To put it another way, this philosophy considers that any product should be ideally recyclable or biodegradable to infinity.

The Cradle will be completed in 2021.

Dusseldorf HPP architekten

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