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8 August 2021 Comments (0) Architecture, Culture, Other, Technology

Madrid: a plastic museum… entirely in plastic!

This architectural intervention, funded by the Spanish association of plastic producers, encouraged visitors to change their outlook on plastic: thanks to the objects on display, designed for health care, communication, construction, food, and sustainable mobility, it was about showing the essential functions that plastic provides us when used correctly. 

This temporary museum was installed for a few weeks in the courtyard of the Reina Sofia Museum. With an area of 73m2, it was designed by the architecture studio Delavegacanolasso (specialised in prefabricated modular architecture and the use of plastic elements for the design and construction of structures and furniture). The set was assembled with different plastic materials, such as polyethene, methacrylate, polycarbonate, and PVC. It featured a modern and avant-garde design and exploited natural and artificial light while playing with different plastic materials. 

  • Musée du plastique - Madrid ©-Imagen Subliminal
    Musée du plastique - Madrid ©-Imagen Subliminal
  • Musée du plastique - Madrid ©-Imagen Subliminal
    Musée du plastique - Madrid ©-Imagen Subliminal

Inaugurated to be recycled

Throughout its three rooms, the museum aimed to reform the fragmented perception of plastic by the public (let’s say the tendency to see only the negative aspects – remember that the plastics industry financed the exhibition) and to demonstrate how, when appropriately treated, it can be a recyclable and sustainable material. In addition, it explained how plastic had transformed sectors such as health, food, construction and transportation. 

On 17 May, World Recycling Day, the structure of the museum was dismantled. All its parts will be reused: the walls, ceilings and floors will be recycled and will get a new life.

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