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22 June 2021 Comments (0) Architecture, Culture, Mobility, Other, Real Estate, Technology

Paris: a new… vertical district!

Located in the Gennevilliers district, the incredible new mixed-use project of Ateliers Jean Nouvel offers a “neighbourhood building” that responds to the latest developments in urban life, work and leisure. Its particularity: it will not extend on the surface but upwards. 

Located on the banks of the Seine, opposite the Olympic and Paralympic village of the 2024 Games, the project called Jeuneville (a fun variation on Gennevilliers) will welcome a community of 7,500 people. It will offer a sustainable and inspiring living and working environment, a place of synergies designed for a new generation of city dwellers.

We know Jean Nouvel’s appetite for extraordinary projects. This is undoubtedly one of them. Jeuneville is an unprecedented and spectacular response to the question of urban sprawl, a particularly crucial subject in the Paris region where building space is expensive and scarce: the eco-district will therefore develop upwards rather than spreading out. The structure is adaptable, each “urban layer” being sufficiently flexible and modular to allow a change of assignments and spaces. The whole is low-carbon and will offer high environmental performance: photovoltaic solar energy, prefabricated wooden frame elements, a resilient structure in low-carbon concrete, pooling of energy resources…

© Ateliers Jean Nouvel

© Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Focused on the new generation and the new economy

This 12-floor(!) vertical neighbourhood is structured around two large areas. First of all, office space intended for tech, media and creative companies. Then, living spaces in the form of co-housing and student accommodation. All complemented by restaurants, shops, a fab lab, sports facilities, but also spaces intended for education (a school or a university department, libraries) in order to strengthen collaboration and socialisation between residents, local people and the world of work. Jean Nouvel’s ambition is to “encourage bringing together tomorrow’s young workers and innovative companies.”

This pioneering project includes a central square which will host a series of events, screenings and markets, as well as landscaped terraces (in total, 30,000m2 of spaces accessible to all). As we can see, Jeuneville (planned for 2025) illustrates a real desire to promote diversity but also to animate a new district to make it the most lively and inclusive urban space possible, a campus that “radically reinvents the lifestyles of the Greater Paris”.

For this project, Jean Nouvel joined forces with the Samuel Nageotte Architectures firm. 

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