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6 September 2019 Comments (0) Other, Real Estate, Technology

Veolia tests its smart beach at La Baule

Connected lockers, a concierge app, payment wristbands… After the “Smart City”, here is the connected beach or “Smart Bay”. Veolia group, the leading beach concession holder in France, is experimenting with a range of digital services to improve the resort’s attractiveness.

After the “Smart City”, here is the connected beach or “Smart Bay”. Rather discreetly, the concept has made its appearance on La Baule beach in France, where it is being tested this summer by Veolia. At the end of 2016, the French group obtained the first concession for the exploitation of a beach of 6 kilometres of sand, with the mission to protect and maintain the site for twelve years.

Veolia has been working on the attractiveness of the beach by integrating new digital services. Among them, Playak, a smartphone app, with which you can have a meal delivered on the beach. How? Thanks to the geolocation of the customer’s phone. A proven service that is now in working order. The service is extended to tourism professionals, such as jet ski, bicycle, and boat rentals, restaurants and all those who offer leisure activities. All these actors have their place on the support that is a mobile showcase. You can also see the weather, events to come – it is like a mini tourist office on your mobile.

Customer’s geolocation

During the inauguration of the beach, Veolia also launched its cashless payment with the distribution of 10,000 ad hoc wristbands. These pre-charged wristbands allow you to pay cashless in some partner shops. In addition, 120 digital cubes of the company Vigicube, have made their appearance on the sand.

Another connected wristband ensures safety on the beach and on the sea. Kids, windsurfers, swimmers: Ticatag geolocates them all in case a problem occurs. Finally, other projects, such as Otec, provide water quality monitoring through sensors placed on buoys. Affluence tells you how busy the beach is, Acriprevisub gives ocean forecasts and Tipi lists summer jobs.

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