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7 June 2021 Comments (0) Architecture, Environment, Real Estate, Technology

Amsterdam: how architecture prepares young adults for city life

An original urban experience, in the form of a fictitious island, will be offered to 250 young people who are entering working life. 

The municipality of Amsterdam was looking for an extraordinary collaborative approach to develop, finance and build a set of temporary housing in Baaibuurt Oost, a district located on the Zeeburgereiland, an island located in the outer suburbs. 

The objective: to create a lively and connected environment, with spaces for catering, accommodation, reception, collaboration, and work for start-ups and their employees. 

Dutch firm APTO Architects won the competition by proposing Doe Baai, a fictional island, where different generations, cultures and origins can share living space, experiences, ideas… in a fun way.

  • Amsterdam Doebaai - 2021 © APTO Architects
    Amsterdam Doebaai - 2021 © APTO Architects
  • Amsterdam Doebaai - 2021 © APTO Architects
    Amsterdam Doebaai - 2021 © APTO Architects
  • Amsterdam Doebaai - 2021 © APTO Architects
    Amsterdam Doebaai - 2021 © APTO Architects

An imaginary island where no one will be isolated

At the heart of this “island”, a restaurant will offer local and seasonal products, where residents can cook and eat together. All around, the designers have planned to install centres dedicated to innovation and education, as well as pavilions reserved for local initiatives. In order to build lasting and continuous relationships between the inhabitants, it was necessary to involve them. That is why the programme will include collaborative initiatives that already exist in the neighbourhood today.

This place will also be lively throughout the year in an innovative and sustainable way. For example, there will be a vintage flea market (to encourage sustainability and the circular economy) or food stalls run by the different nationalities who live in the neighbourhood. 

Milan Bergh, partner of APTO Architects, describes the winning project as “a place to relax and go on an adventure. We ourselves are strong supporters of this approach and have imagined a place where we too would like to come and live!

Construction is expected to be finalised in April 2022. It is planned for a limited period: 10 years. 

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