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1 April 2016 Comments (0) Environment

Bristol, Britain’s star pupil

Tomorrow’s city is determined to be green. Let’s explore some cities whose local initiatives in sustainable development have been rewarded and that should be a source of inspiration. 

The sixth-largest city in the UK; Bristol started implementing its green governance strategies at the turn of the Millennium. 4 urban farms, 8 natural reserves and no less than 450 parks already demonstrate the determination to be always near to a green area, but this environment is complemented by a low CO2-emission Metrobus system and an ingenious invention called “Poo-bus”, a bus driven by biogas generated from human excrement.

Bristol is also the UK city that consumes the least energy per household. For 10 years, the municipality has been financing a huge housing insulation and solar panel installation programme on public buildings and schools. It also focuses (on the social networks) on residents’ social involvement, asking them their opinion and making them direct participants in programmes to improve the urban environment.

Foto © Debby Termonia

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