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MACs: Le Borinage puts itself on the contemporary art...

Nicolas Martin

15 January 2016 Comments (0) Culture

Interview with Nicolas Martin, deputy mayor of the city of Mons

Did 2015 mark a new departure for urban development in Mons?

Nicolas Martin, deputy mayor of the city of Mons: “Mons 2015 is a major project for the city, although obviously it is one of many. Our city plan, which includes Mons 2015, started many years ago. We have already successfully completed a number of projects in the city centre. We are now working on the first ring suburbs, with projects that include 2000 homes, offices, shops, the walkway that leads to the future new station, hotels, the development of the banks of the Haine with cycle paths, a new wooded park, etc.

With population density objectives?

Nicolas Martin: “Mons has 96,000 inhabitants today. According to our estimates, we should reach the 100,000 mark in 3 or 4 years. ”

Is economic revitalisation also on the agenda?

Nicolas Martin: “Of course. Big companies like Google and Microsoft have already established themselves in the region, creating a favourable environment for SME development. We also have a tool which is built to last: the Club Mons 2015, which brings together 800 entrepreneurs from the region to consider economic development paths. ”

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