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23 March 2022 Comments (0) Culture, Environment, Mobility, Other, Real Estate, Technology

Poland will host the World Urban Forum

« Transformer nos villes pour un meilleur avenir urbain », c’est le thème principal du prochain Forum urbain mondial (FUM) qui se tiendra pour la première fois en Europe Centrale dans la ville de Katowice, en juin 2022.

Katovice © Umkatowice

Katovice © Umkatowice

The United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) organises this global event on sustainable urbanisation every two years. WUF is one of the prime opportunities to look at the most pressing issues facing the world today: rapid urbanisation and its impact on communities, cities, economies, climate change and politics. 

The event will be co-organised by the Polish Ministry for Development Funds and Regional Policy and the City of Katowice.

In 2030, 60% of the world’s population will live in cities

The world will continue to urbanise at an increasing speed. As the UN-Habitat statement points out, “urban areas are the engines which will absorb virtually all the future growth of the world’s population. Every region is expected to become more urbanized in the next ten years. Clearly, this tells us that the future of humanity is undeniably urban, and we must plan our cities well to ensure sustainability, equity and shared prosperity”.

Katowice © Pawel Szczepanski |

Katowice © Pawel Szczepanski |

The Forum will be an opportunity to ask crucial questions for our near future: what kind of cities are needed to support the future of humanity? How can we reimagine the future of cities? What do we want our cities to look like? Answers, in June, in Katowice. And on DivercityMag, of course. 

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