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Bringme Box

11 February 2018 Comments (0) Other, Real Estate

Bringme Box, the intelligent concierge of the future

Thanks to a Belgian invention, it has never been easier to receive a parcel at home or at work. An innovation that is part of the 2.0 habitat of tomorrow.

It is an invention that could revolutionise the receipt of parcels. Especially those that are delivered in your absence… Its name? The “Bringme Box“, the first intelligent concierge “made in Belgium”. Placed in the entrance hall of buildings, the “Bringme Box” opens automatically after the delivery person has typed the recipient’s name on the home screen. Once the delivery has been made, the system will sign the acknowledgment itself and the customer will receive a notification on his phone notifying him of the delivery of his parcel.

Developed by a small company in Leuven, the “Bringme Box” is undoubtedly one of the most practical responses to the success of e-commerce. Not only is it possible to have parcels delivered safely, but also to send them back if they are not okay or to have parcels sent. After a notification, the home delivery company will then collect the parcel without your presence being required. This is all possible thanks to the central software, the Last Inch Operating System (LIOS), which controls the lockers. “The software opens and closes the doors of the remote lockers, detects the presence of a parcel inside and sends notifications to its users via an application for smartphones and tablets. The on-site relay is done via a touch screen equipped with a scanner“, explains its inventor.

Broadening the concept

For the time being, “Bringme Box” has already convinced 750 companies and condominiums in Belgium, the Netherlands the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and, recently, in the United Kingdom. But the start-up is already developing other projects. The latest addition: The “Bringme Cool”, a refrigerated locker module for the delivery of fresh products. Jo Vandebergh, the boss of Bringme, aims to deploy it on a large scale throughout Europe. “Many of the office buildings that will be ready in 2018 and 2019 will be equipped with the Bringme Box“, he ensures. “More and more real estate developers and architects, especially abroad, are interested in our product. And that’s normal, because the time the delivery boy had to push all the doorbells to get into a building, is a thing from the past.

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